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Orchard Software Approved for Use with Promethean Activboard Interactive Whiteboard

ST. LOUIS, MO, January 18, 2008 -- Orchard Software, published by Siboney Learning Group, has been accredited for use with Promethean, Inc.'s Activboard interactive whiteboard product.

"The combination of engaging, motivating instructional software with interactive whiteboards has introduced a new dimension to the use of technology in classrooms," said Bill Edwards, President of Siboney Learning Group. "Applications such as Orchard have helped revolutionize how instruction can be individualized and differentiated according to specific student needs; now whiteboard technologies such as the Activboard are helping educators discover how powerful programs like Orchard are in whole class settings as well."

According to Georgia-based Promethean, "Software submitted for accreditation is tested against a series of design, technical and educational criteria to certify that the product works perfectly with a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard, and to assess its level of suitability for group teaching and learning. The range of publishers that are taking part in the Promethean program embraces industry specialists across the software spectrum."

Orchard qualifies for Friendly accreditation status with Promethean Activboards. This is due in large measure to Orchard's ease of use, intuitive design, interactivity, and the value Orchard can add to group teaching--benefits that have also qualified Orchard to be accredited by interactive whiteboard maker SMART Technologies.

To read more about Orchard and its use with an interactive whiteboard in a whole class learning model, read the white paper "Effective Whole Class Instruction with Technology."

About Orchard Software
Orchard features standards-based assessments, automatic targeted assignments, and comprehensive data management and progress reporting. With more than 160 Skill Tree instructional modules covering over 5,000 lessons, Orchard is designed to ensure that students are working on the specific skills they need to master today's challenging academic standards. Visit or call 1-800-351-1404 for more information.