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Orchard Now™ Releases New Remedial Math Instruction

Web-Based Activities Provide Remediation Students Need in an Age-Appropriate Format

St. Louis, March 17, 2011 – Only five months after the debut of Orchard Now, the Web-based assessment, instruction, and practice program releases a new remedial version of its Math instructional activities for grades 1 to 3. The new Math activities mirror the current Orchard Now on-grade level content but provide a graphic presentation that is age-appropriate for older students working at a lower grade level.

“When choosing software for remediation, it is critical that particular attention is paid to the presentation of material in an age-appropriate manner,” said Janice Wilder, vice president of academics and curriculum for Educational Options, Inc. (EdOptions™). “Orchard Now’s new remedial Math instruction provides curriculum that the student needs within an environment that the student can relate to, thereby creating an excellent resource for educators.”

Orchard Now combines the power of the Web with critical tools that schools need for student achievement. Developed by the publisher of award-winning Orchard Software®, PracticePlanet™, and Stars Suite®, Orchard Now offers a customized learning environment with activities, practice, and assessment for schools to address the needs of all students. Students are placed into individualized, state standards-aligned, learning paths based on assessment results. Orchard Now automates data collection, analysis, and reporting for easy progress monitoring.

Instructional activities include multimedia Math content designed to address different learning styles and correlated to the standards published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Curriculum areas covered include number sense, numeration, patterning and algebra, geometry, data management and probability, and measurement. Orchard Now is also an outstanding tool for whole class instruction using whiteboard technology.

Educator implementation and student use of Orchard Now is simple. Teachers begin by assigning students a pretest correlated to state standards. Upon completion of the pretest, students receive their scores and are immediately placed on a custom learning path, which is aligned to skill areas in need of reinforcement. A posttest shows specific progress on all skills assessed on state tests.

About Educational Options, Inc.
EdOptions™ is an award-winning education technology firm located in Falls Church, Virginia. Its premier product, Stars Suite®, has served more than one million students nationwide and features 49 middle school and high school courses as well as Web-based solutions for state test preparation, high school preparation, and GED® study. EdOptions Online Academy™, the virtual school division of EdOptions, is a fully accredited online high school designed to support both public and non-traditional educational institutions with rigorous curriculum, powerful Web-based technology, and certified-teacher support. Orchard Software™, the elementary division of EdOptions, provides targeted state standards-based instruction, assessment and data management for grades pre-K–9 in reading, language arts, math, and science.

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