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Orchard Software Selected for West Virginia
Instructional Materials Listing

ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 4, 2008 -- Siboney Learning Group announced this week that the Language Arts programs of the company’s Orchard Gold Star instructional software have been selected for inclusion as approved supplementary resources on the West Virginia Department of Education’s Multiple List of instructional materials. 

“West Virginia educators will discover in Orchard a comprehensive solution for assessment and intervention,” said Alan Stern, Siboney Learning Group's National Sales Director. “Orchard’s award-winning content and data management system will provide teachers the tools they need to help students master today’s rigorous academic standards and close achievement gaps.”

Orchard Software uses a variety of teaching strategies to present targeted instruction in K-9 Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Math, and Science in an engaging interactive multimedia format. Orchard is designed to enable educators to adapt and deliver both individualized and whole class instruction that is effective for all students, including ELL learners and students with special needs.

With more than 160 programs covering more than 5,000 essential skills and concepts, Orchard is designed to ensure that students are working on the specific skills they need to master today’s challenging academic standards. Visit or call 1-800-351-1404 for more information.

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Siboney Learning Group, a subsidiary of Siboney Corporation, is a dynamic developer and publisher of comprehensive and motivational educational software.
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