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Siboney Learning Group Introduces PracticePlanet

NECC Sneak Peek at Targeted Online Test Practice

ST. LOUIS , MO , July 2, 2007 -- At last week's National Education Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta , Georgia , educators were treated to a sneak peek of a new online test preparation program that helps schools increase their test scores. PracticePlanet delivers an online, easy-to-use test practice system that mimics standardized tests, giving students the critical test practice they need to develop confidence for annual testing. Developed by Siboney Learning Group, award-winning publisher of Orchard Software, in partnership with Edumatics Corporation, PracticePlanet uses gaming segments to motivate students. Students "earn" their time on the games by the number of correct answers they provide during the test practice sessions. Because PracticePlanet is fun and interactive, students spend more time on the program, and more practice means stronger test performance.

"The three things that differentiate PracticePlanet are the 24/7 online availability, the test practice sessions are aligned to state testing standards, and the gaming segments reward and motivate students without interfering with the actual test practice sessions," said Bill Edwards, President of Siboney Learning Group.

Alignment to state testing standards allows teachers to pinpoint precise skill development needs. Teachers can then provide students with individual, targeted practice that increases scores. A comprehensive management system automatically aggregates data so students, teachers, and administrators receive real-time progress reports. Automated reporting allows teachers to spend more time on direct instruction.

PracticePlanet will debut at the annual National Education Computing Conference (NECC) on June 25, 2007 in Atlanta . PracticePlanet harnesses the power of the Internet to give schools an affordable, practical, and fun way to motivate students for testing success. Please visit for more information or call 1.800.351.1404.

About Siboney Learning Group
PracticePlanet is the most recent innovative software program from the makers of Orchard Software. Siboney Learning Group is a dynamic developer, publisher, integrator, and provider of comprehensive and motivational educational software.  For more information, visit Orchard Software is designed to ensure that students are working on the specific lessons they need in order to master the challenging academic standards and learning objectives established by their school districts.  To learn more, visit

About Edumatics Corporation
Edumatics Corporation is the publisher of Edusmart Teacher.  Edumatics is dedicated to building digital solutions that help teachers engage students and improve learning in the classroom. Edumatics Corporation is a subsidiary of Educomp Solutions Ltd, a public company based in India .

PracticePlanet was developed by Siboney Learning Group, publishers of Orchard Software, in partnership with Edumatics Corporation.  PracticePlanet is a trademark of this partnership.