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Orchard Software Approved for Use with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

ST. LOUIS, MO, June 18, 2007 -- Orchard Software, published by Siboney Learning Group, has received the "Ready" accreditation status for use with SMART Technologies Inc.'s SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Calgary, Alberta-based SMART Technologies Inc., the segment leader in the interactive whiteboard market, invites educational software publishers to participate in its Software Accreditation Program so that the interactive whiteboard maker's customers "know which content and software work best with SMART products." Approved publishers may display SMART Board interactive whiteboard logo art to indicate that their software satisfies the requirements of the program.

Orchard's ease of use, intuitive design, and interactivity enable it to be certified for Ready status. More than that, said educational consultant Beth Handrigan, Orchard's rich content, compelling screen graphics, large, easy-to-use navigation tools, and variety of options for student input suit the software for use in lively whole-class learning activities.

"Educational technology is approaching the point at which computers can individualize instructional plans for most of a student's learning needs," added Handrigan, "but whole-class instruction will continue to be an effective strategy in many situations. This is because the combination of powerful and motivating tools such as the interactive whiteboard and exciting, engaging software like Orchard is helping to redefine what whole-class learning looks like.".

Look for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard Ready logo on forthcoming Orchard literature and packaging.

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