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PracticePlanetTM Online Test Practice Site Launches, Wins Award

ST. LOUIS, MO, October 9, 2007 -- Siboney Learning Group announces the successful launch of PracticePlanet, the company's new web-based test practice resource for students in grades 2 through 9. Educators and media members were treated to a "sneak peek" of PracticePlanet at the June 2007 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta; in September 2007, was given the nod for full release.

PracticePlanet has lost no time in making an impact. On October 1, San Diego-based ComputEd Learning Center announced that PracticePlanet had been selected as the winner of its Educational Software Review Award (EDDIE) in the Early Elementary Test Prep Web Site category.

"Considering the amount of effort and industry research that has gone into developing PracticePlanet, it's very rewarding to receive this level of recognition," said Siboney Learning Group President Bill Edwards. "PracticePlanet is poised to set the standard among resources for helping students develop the skills and confidence they need when they take state tests."

PracticePlanet's automated functions for assigning, scoring, and tracking tests and practice activities make it possible for a teacher simply to register a student and use the program's real-time reporting component to monitor the student's progress. If the teacher desires additional control, PracticePlanet provides a variety of customizable parameter settings.

"We know test performance improves with rigorous practice," Edwards added, "but we are also aware of the concerns associated with test practice. Since ease of use is a factor for teachers, we developed PracticePlanet to be simple and intuitive. And since motivation is often a factor with students, we also designed PracticePlanet with engaging features such as its game play component, which is built to motivate success and increase time on task."

For intensive tutoring, Siboney has also built PracticePlanet with connectivity to Orchard, the company's award-winning curriculum software solution for comprehensive content mastery. For more information about PracticePlanet, call 1-800-351-1404 or go to

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